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Swim Suit Summer Dance Battle-In Game Event

Summer is here! And yes!!!! Feel the heat of summer in this special In Game Event! Dress to impress, show off those curves and muscles and battle it out in Metro City!





April 6,13,20,27


4 – 6PM & 10 – 12 PM

April 1,8,15,22,29



1. To qualify for this event player must wear any kind of SWIM SUIT ATTIRE for the girls BERMUDA short for boys kindly check the picture on the state below

2. You can join this event by forming a powerful group with your FRIENDS or with yourGUILD MEMBERS

3. The GM will create a room with password and will be broadcast in game via ( SMP & GMCC) . All players are allowed to join.

4. Dance Mode: Team VS Team dance group tournament; can use either 4-key or 8-key.

5. All items and stunts are allowed.

6. Team leader participants should have at least 5 members in each group. You can get your group on the dance hall.

7. Requesting songs are not allowed. Caught requesting will be automatically disqualified.

8. Disconnected/LAG participants are not allowed to rejoin and the tournament will continue.

9. If the Team Leader got disconnected, will be automatically disqualified.


Rules, Regulations & Other Restrictions:

1. Each team can participate and win in this event only once every day.

2. GM can exercise discretion kicking out repeat participants.

3. Any use of botting or 3rd party software will result in the rule-breaking player being disqualified life suspension of his/her account.

4. EagleGame International reserves the rights to the explanation of the rules and regulations of this event.

5. Prizes will be delivered to the winners accounts via in-game mail in 3 working days after the event.

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