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The BATTLE for the FOURTH-In Game Event

Strive not to be the 1st or the champion, but the 4th place in the battle. This is a test of how much u understands your skills and score computation in HS5. Be the 4th place and win in the Battle of the Fourth!






April 2,9,16,23,30


4 – 6PM & 10 – 12 PM


1. The designated GM for the event will create a Rented Room. Other rules include the following:

a. ALL ITEMS/POTS rule not implemented. WINGS are not allowed.

b. Dance Mode: Single Dance, 4keys/8keys

2. The Designated GM will declare, via the Super Megaphone Channel that “The Hall for the Battle for the Fourth is Open!”

3. Players can then PM the designated GM for the Event, and he/she can tell you the Room Details.

4. Players will gather up in the Rented dance hall (maximum of 8 players, in a timeframe of 10 minutes) before the song to be played out begin.

5. The main rule of this game is “DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO BECOME THE FOURTH PLACER (4th) for the whole song”. The players above the FOURTH Place can do “MISS on some steps” to step down and become the FOURTH PLACE, and the players lower than the FOURTH Place can do their very best to rise up the ranks and become the FOURTH PLACE. The player in the FOUTH PLACE must try his/her best then to maintain his/her spot.

6. The Fourth placer will be declared as the winner of the event.

7. The Designated GM will declare the Winner of the batch via Super Megaphone Channel, then again he/she will say “The Hall for the Battle for the Fourth is Open!”. Thus opening the Event again for a new batch of players to join.


Rules, Regulations & Other Restrictions:

1. Players who participated already are not allowed to join the event.

2. Requesting songs are strictly prohibited. Requesting songs results in disqualification for the whole event term.

3. If the Player is LAG or gets disconnected, he or her round will be considered having lost the event.

4. Any doubt/dispute, Eaglegame International’s decision is final.

5. Prizes will be delivered to your in-game mail box 2 to 3 days processing.

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