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Zodiac Shots!

Zodiac Shots!


Dear HighStreet 5 Players,

Wanna shine like your zodiac sign? Here’s your chance to be like the look alike of your zodiac sign.


12 winners:


1. To enroll in this contest, you simply need to reply to the THREAD posted in the forum in the format shown below.

Character Name: XXX
Zodiac Sign: XXX

2. Character snapshot must look almost the same as the zodiac sign image.

3. Contestant’s snapshot must not be taken inside the mall or salon.

4. 1 Snapshot for every contestant is allowed.

5. Deadline for submission: 23:59 on May 9, 2010; late submissions will not be considered as valid entries.

6. maximum of 12 winners, wherein we will pick the best of the best of every zodiac signs

among the 12.

Judgement Criteria:

50% look alike

20% Fashion and Design

30% Creativity and Uniqueness

Rules and Regulation:

1. Contestants must reply to the designated thread topic for submission of their snapshot together with their desired zodiac sign.

2. 1 snapshot for every contestant only. Multiple posting will disqualify the contestant.

3. Contestant’s snapshot must be unique with the other Contestant’s snapshot. Posting of snapshot will be first come per serve basis. Copying other contestant’s photo is not allowed.

4. Screenshot taken in the in-game Mall or salon will not be considered as valid entries.

5. Contestants must not edit their snapshot/photo e.g. using other software program.

6. GM will check the character before the prize will be given.

7. Eaglegame International reserves the rights to the explanation of the details of this event.

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