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Vote wisely

Dear HighStreet 5 Players

Come show your support for your favorite presidential candidate NOW! You don’t need to wait until May 10 to show your allegiance for the candidate at the hush-hush ballot booth – holler your support by wearing the candidate T-shirt printed in their highly distinctive campaign color and logo!
If you do not have a HighStreet5 account yet, you can create one HERE!

Support Points:0
Name: Noynoy Aquino
Support Points:7
Name: Gibo Teodoro
Support Points:1
Name: Dick Gordon
Support Points:0
Name: Manny Villar
Support Points:0
Name: Others
Support Points:1
Name: Abstained
Support Points:0

To participate in this virtual presidential election, you only need to purchase a 30-day presidential candidate T-shirt of the presidentiable that you would vote for to show your support for him/ her.

When the election ends, players who supported the winning candidate by way of purchasing his/her candidate’s T-shirts will be amply rewarded! Yes, ALL players who supported the new president will each be getting [Gift] Candy*2+Diamond Treasure Box*5 by May 20!

We won’t keep you waiting for long before we stage in-game events where you would be joining other campaigners in your camp (Show your unity in the same candidate T-shirts!) to battle against one another and score for your favorite candidate even before the ballot gets rolling!

Keep your eye out at the official website for details of upcoming events!

(Eaglegame International reserves the right to the explanation of this event.)

HS5 - Where the Party Never Ends!
HighStreet 5 Team

Service Hotline: (632) 631 4263 or (632) 631-GAME
Email: service@highstreet5.com.ph
Official Website: http://www.highstreet5.com.ph
Official Forum: http://forum.highstreet5.com.ph

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