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PHP20 New Year Gift Pack in Store!

Happy New Year! Celebrating another year with you, HS5 has prepared a special New Year Gift Pack to give you a chance to own wonderful New Year items at a fraction of the original price!

This Special PHP20 New Year Gift Pack includes FOREVER Glasses*1, FOREVER Shoes*1 and Lily*4. For ONLY 80 Pts, you can stock up on these festive items that are worth more than 660 Points!

Fashionable FOREVER Glasses:

Beginning at 16:30 on 4th January, 2010, you will be able to buy the PHP20 New Year Gift Pack in the Online Store. Click on the picture below to shop for this Pack or go to the Online Store interface to purchase the PHP20 New Year Gift Pack.

HighStreet 5 will continue updating the items in the Pack so that you can get our covetable items at the best of price! Stay tuned!


1. You can purchase only ONE PHP20 Pack in each available category. That means you can buy one Male Pack AND one Female Pack, but not more than one in any one of the categories.

2. Lily: Charm scores up 25 points immediately for the target players. Players will get special title when his/her charm scores reach a certain level.

3. You can also purchase the previous PHP20 Pack in the Online Store: (You can purchase only ONE PHP20 Pack in each available category)

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