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What Cha Ma Call It-The Search of the HS5 Identity Name Contest

Kung ang Pilipinas may mga Filipino, ang America may mga Americano, . Pano naman ang High Street 5? Ano ang tawag satin? As part of the High Street 5 Community, we want to hear from you. What do u think is the best title to call the players of High Street 5.

Kaya Sali na kayu sa bagong pakulo ng High Street 5, the “What Cha Ma Call It” contest. Leave your legacy to the community and win a forever Wooden Bow at di lang yan, for the top 15 essays that will be chosen, mananalo din kayu ng 30-days Wooden Bow.


1. Eligibility to join:

a. Must be a High Street 5 player

b. Must have an active forum account

c. Must have an active participation in the HS5 community

i. In Game & on Ground Events

2. Mechanics Details:

a. Participants (may be individual or group) need to come up with a “NAME” that will collectively and individually address the High Street 5 gamers.

b. Must indicate the “NAME” and the reason/s why the “NAME” was chosen in essay form not less than 200 words.

c. Essay may be in English, Filipino or Taglish.

d. Essays must be emailed to marketing@highstreet5.com.ph with “Project HS5 Identity” as the subject from December 21 to January 11. Participants must include their:

i. Full name

ii. Age

iii. Address

iv. Contact Details (landline, mobile, email)

v. In Game Name & User Name

vi. Forum account name

e. Eaglegame management will base the judgement from the “NAME” & essay to determine the winner & the top 15 essays.

f. Entries of the top 3 winners will posted in the HS5 Philippine website.

3. Criteria for Judging:

a. 40% - Name appeal – the ability of the “NAME” to attract attention, retention or recall. Physical attributes of the letter combination

b. 30% - Name significance – the name must be related to the game High Street 5

c. 30% - Essay significance – detailness of essay containing sighting reasons and explanations

d. Total of 100%

4. Prizes:

a. The winning essay that will be chosen by Eagle Game Management according to the criteria will win a forever Wooden Bow

b. The top 15 essays will win a 30-day Wooden Bow

5. Rules & Regulations:

a. Only one entry per participant

b. Submission of entries are only from December 21 to January 11, 2010

c. Eaglegames International judges decision will be deemed final

d. Incomplete entries will be disqualified

e. Any doubts & disputes Eaglegame International Ltd. as the judges’ decision will be final

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