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Dec 19 Christmas EB Party

Join Christmas Eyeball Parties happening this Dec. 19!

Join the fun and hang with the HighStreet5 Community as we celebrate the BIGGEST Christmas Eye Ball Party – The HighStreet5 Christmas Shindig, happening this Saturday, December 19, 2009, 1pm, in three (3) venues simultaneously!

These events will also coincide with the Division 2 Finals and National Championship for Survivor Champ ’09 Quest tournament. Cheer and vote for your game idols while they go head to head with their fellow city champs from all over the Philippines.

Mark your calendars and head on to Xtrym ICafe, Branch 01.net and end@end Internet Café for the party you shouldn’t miss!

Ano pang inaantay niyo? Halina’t makisaya at makiparty kasama ng buong barkada!


When: December 19, 2009, 1PM
Xtrym ICafe
3/F, Farmer’s Plaza
EDSA Cubao, Quezon City

Branch 01.net
Baguio Youth Centre,
Assumption Rd. Baguio City

end@end Internet
Sto. Domingo Street (Chevalier)
Angeles City, Pampanga

*Click the ICafe Name for vicinity map.



a. Registration Fee: Php 100 (Note: you can only buy prepaid card in the event proper)
• What Players could get?
1. Php 50 load
2. Button Pins
3. Poster
4. ID Lace (1st 20 early birds)
5. Freeplay Stub
6. And in-game items


a. Mechanics
• Each 20 peso worth of cards is equivalent to 1 raffle stub Ex: (1000 worth of cards = 50 raffle stubs (It’s unlimited, players can buy as many cards as they can. The more they purchase the bigger chances to win in raffle draw.

a. Each items will be Auction have maximum of 20 minutes. Minimum of Php50.00 per Bid.

a. Should be in One Guild Name (No allies)
b. Guild with the most # of members who attended the EB wins.
c. Validation will be done, member who is not available during the roll call will not be counted. Make sure everyone is present during the roll call.
d. Guilds will be competing on a National level (venue vs venue)

• South Manila
• North Manila
• Laguna
• Cavite
• Iloilo
• Cebu
• Davao
• Pampanga
• Baguio

e. Winner will be announced on Dec 22, 09

E. Free Play
a. Freeplay will be granted to all attendees of the event
b. Player will only be granted a maximum of 20 mins per free play session
c. As the 20 minutes expires, player must give way to the player next in line
d. Eaglegame personnel hold the right to open or close the free play session as needed in lieu of the event program.

F. HS5 Jocks
a. Giving chance to the HS5 players (community leaders or not) to take part in the event by randomly hosting a program in the event
b. Maximum of 5 Hs5 jocks will compete for the “All I want is You – HS5 Christmas Shindig”
c. The participant with the best rendition of the program wins

G. On Site Bazaar
a. A list of rare items will be sold in the venue
b. Players may purchase the said items using Php
c. Each item will be represented by a stub with serial # to be topped up in the HS5 website – gift codes redemption page
d. No return no exchange policy will be implemented for purchased items

H. HS5 Dance Showdown
a. Dance showdown between the best dancers in the HS5 community
b. Maximum of 5 participants per group
c. Must dance to a HS5 in game song
d. Judging will be based on audience impact
e. Must register at the registration area on the day of the event

*Visit the official forums for the list of prizes.

The Official HighStreet5 National Survival Tournament


1. Who will compete?


a. South Manila
• •Pein
• WhiteL
• rkdame
b. North Manila
• Hitler
• 7mm
• Kyouya
c. Bulacan
• kenmark8
• ahDeKsaU
• Shiroi
d. Pampanga
• joseph34
• sleepblind01
• Haska
e. Baguio
• ±cHoo±
• Nixz
• Azul


Cebu Team
• Raffy Ferrer
• Chanzky
• jaja19

Visit the tournament ladder for winner profiles.

2. Who will compete in the Division Round?
a. All 30 City Champs will battle against each other and will be divided into 2 divisions.
• Division 1: Laguna, Cavite, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao (15 City Champs)
• Division 2: Manila 1, Manila 2, Bulacan, Baguio, Pampanga (15 City Champs)

3. Who will win the Divisions and will qualify to compete in the Regionals?

a. Only one (1) winner will win for each Division and together with her team they will compete in the Regionals.
b. Total of Six (6) players will compete

i.e. if Quisha wins Division 1, her fellow City Champ in Iloilo Phyxie and Aragoy will join her in the Finals

4. Who will win the Regionals?
a. Only one (1) winner will win the Regionals

5. Who will compete in the Finals?
a. The winner in at the Regionals Tournament and his/her fellow City Champ.

6. Who will win the title of Survivor Champ ’09?
a. The final team will battle off among themselves and the last man standing will gain the title “SURVIVOR CHAMP ‘09”

Tournament Issues:
1. In case of tie between 2 or more contestants after the 4th song. The Final/5th round will be based on Ranking battle without “MISSING” any keys.
2. In case that there are no winners on the batch; the contest will have a 1 round Ranking battle without “MISSING” any keys, all eliminated contestants will join the round.
3. LAG problem is a common issue; contest will still continue even if it is LAG.
4. In case that the player is disconnected during the contest; the GM/Host will investigate the issue for consideration/disqualification of the disconnected participant. The disconnected participant will join the next batch of the contest if the consideration is approved.
5. NO REFUND of entry fee if contestants back-out before/during the contest.
6. In case of dispute, the decision of Eaglegame International and its affiliate is final.

HS5 - Where the Party Never Ends!
HighStreet 5 Team

Service Hotline: (632) 631 4263 or (632) 631-GAME
Email: service@highstreet5.com.ph
Official Website: http://www.highstreet5.com.ph
Official Forum: http://forum.highstreet5.com.ph

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