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MORE Xmas Gifts in Store NOW!

EventGive and Get Gifts to Win FOREVER Fluttering Golden Angel Wings

Dear HighStreet 5 Players,

We are so excited by your exciting race to top the ‘Give Gifts to Get Gifts’ rankings that we’ve decided to throw in more GIFTS to make it a bigger and happier Christmas event! Read on for the details.

Date & Time: 16:45 25th December, 2009 – 15:00 31st December, 2009

1. Fluttering Rainbow Angel Wings Pack

The Pack includes FOREVER Fluttering Rainbow Angel Wings*1 (NEW Wings in rainbow colours), Super rare Gem of Cat’s Eye*2, FOREVER top*1. It costs only 5699Pts.

2. Goodness of Space Gown Pack

This is the heavenly gown that made its debut in the Mid-Autumn Festival special event. At only 7799 Pts, it is the BEST gift for the girl you admire. Now is also the BEST time to invest in this statement gown because for 7799 Pts, you also get Rebellion Gem*1 (It comes with the rare title of ‘Rebellious Lover’) and Contribution Vouchers*62 for FREE!

Goddess of Space – a divinely haute couture gown for someone special

With this hand, I lift your sorrow.

With this candle, I lighten your mood.

With this Gown, I ask you to be mine!

Note: The Gown comes with the pictured hair-style, accessories, shoes and wings.

3. Super Bargain Packs

All the popular gift packs, including the whole range of Wings-Packs, are available during the event period. If you are looking for something that gives you BEST VALUE for your Points, they are your choice!

With these fabulous gift choices, you should have no problem picking the BEST Christmas gifts for yourself, your love and your friends!

Christmas is the time to give, so go spend on the items that speak your love and care! Besides, your goodwill may win you the absolutely gorgeous Fluttering Golden Angel Wings!

HS5 - Where the Party Never Ends!

HighStreet 5 Team

Service Hotline: (632) 631 4263 or (632) 631-GAME

Email: service@highstreet5.com.ph

Official Website: http://www.highstreet5.com.ph

Official Forum: http://forum.highstreet5.com.ph

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