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HighStreet 5 brings the party to Cavite City!

Fellow Caviteños, watch out! The HighStreet 5 team will be going to the Historical Capital of the Philippines and bring the party to you!

Join us on September 27 as we host a HighStreet 5 EB at Netopia in SM Bacoor. Get to meet your fellow HighStreet 5 players, make new friends, invite your non-HighStreet 5 playing friends to try out the game free and test your HighStreet 5 skills with the mini-tournament. You can also promote your guild with the guild recruitment drive and let the community know how HighStreet 5 party’s hard in Cavite!

Check out what we have for you guys:

HighStreet 5 Dance Off (Online Tournament)


-Any group of 5 HighStreet 5 players or non-players can participate in the mini tournament (tournament will be restricted to first 4 groups to register).

-There will be no level restrictions, but players will have to make a new account for the tournament.

-A Special Room (with password) will be made for the tournament.

-This will be a single eliminations match. The winner of a match will move on against another team until two teams are left for the championship.

-In the event of a sudden power interruption, the match will be reset.

-In the event that one of the players’ computer crashes, the match will be reset.

-In the event that one of the players lags, the match will continue.

-The matches will be broadcast during the event via a screen projector so everyone in the venue can see the product and be enticed to try out the game.


Winners will get a HighStreet5 Party Pack & 5 in-game feathers each

Non-winning participants will get in-game goodie bags (Mischievous Flying Brick X5, Mischievous Lightning Bolt X10, Megaphone X2, Super Megaphone X1).

Free Play


Any non-HighStreet 5 player can participate in the Free Play and try out HighStreet 5. Each Free Player will get a HighStreet5 Poster.

HighStreet 5 Raffle


Any person who purchases any HighStreet 5 Point Card at the venue during the time of the event is eligible to win. Depending on the denomination of the Point Card, the person will receive the following raffle stubs:

P50 card = 1 raffle stub

P100 card = 2 raffle stubs

P250 card = 5 raffle stubs

The raffle will be conducted at the end of the event


4 Playground subscriptions & 4 caps (1 for each winner)

Show off your HighStreet 5 Threads! (Character Look-a-like Contest)


Any HighStreet5 player can participate.


Any HighStreet5 player can go to the event dressed up as their avatar. The three participants who most closely resemble their avatar will win a prize from EagleGame. Participants will have to log-in and show everyone their avatar via screen projector


3 HighStreet5 Party Packs and 30-day suits (one for each winner)

HighStreet 5 Recruitment Drive (Guild Recruitment Contest)


Any HighStreet 5 guild/clan and its members can participate


-A guild or clan with the most number of members by the end of the day will win an exclusive prize for their group. The guild or clan can actively recruit members during the event (from Free Players or new players or players who don’t have a guild yet)

-All members should be present during the tallying

-All members should have an active HS5 Account


20 HS5 Party Packs for the whole guild

Guild will be featured in community website and forum

So clear your schedules, spread the word and see you on September 27!

- The HighStreet 5 Team

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