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New Updates for HighStreet 5 Philippines!

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HighStreet 5 is more than just dancing

More than just making people hop to the tune of the latest chart-topping hits, HighStreet 5 aims on bringing people from all walks of life together in one game. That’s why this September, EagleGame will be releasing two new features for HighStreet 5 players that will make their gaming experience truly interactive and more socially oriented.

Get to know more about the people behind the avatars and let them know more about you

What makes HighStreet 5 stand out from all the other rhythm games out there?

It’s all about the people you know and the people who know you inside the game. HighStreet 5, being more than just a dancing game, orients itself as an MMOG-based community platform for people to make new friends, interacting with each other both inside the game as well as in real life. This is made possible with the social-network system of the game, a feature that is unique only to HighStreet 5. Think of it as something like Friendster or Multiply with a twist.

The in-game social network system is currently being translated into English and should be available soon

With its social-network system, HighStreet 5 lets other people inside the game know more about the real person behind the online avatar. You can create your own profile with detailed information about yourself (likes, dislikes) upload photos and write in your own in-game blog.

This network system is not just for show. You can also leave comments on other people’s social-network pages and receive comments from other people as well. Another one of its neat features is you can look for other players with similar interests or within your age range so meeting the people who you think you can groove with won’t be a chore. This exchange makes HighStreet 5 truly an interactive game and makes it more dynamic.

The social-network system also provides a management tool so you can update your profile and get detailed statistics of visits to your profile as well as received comments. All these features at the tip of your fingertips for free.

Tying The Knot in Metro City

Another important update for HighStreet 5 is the introduction of the Wedding System. With this new update, you will be able to proclaim your love for your partner and ring the wedding bells with a HighStreet 5 twist. This update will enable lovers in-game (and also in real life) to take their relationship in HighStreet 5 one step further. This latest instalment is more than just a mere makeover- HighStreet 5 made new wedding gowns and suits, lover’s sprite animations, items, skills exclusive to couples and even an in-game church to make for a memorable in-game nuptial. And just like a real wedding, couples can also invite their friends in-game to witness their virtual wedding.

HighStreet 5’s wedding system is very much like a real wedding, complete with gowns, church services and even a wedding cake!

More treats for everyone

Whether you’re an expert dancer or a novice who has just put on his dancing shoes, there’s a new HighStreet 5 feature for everyone. Besides the Community Portal (social-networking system) and the Wedding System update, there are also new songs and dance halls that will make players enjoy the game more. New system events are also present that will enable players to work as a team, as well as new facial expressions that will better reflect a player’s personality inside the game.

As of this writing, these new features are already being tested and translated into English. They will be available to every Pinoy HighStreet 5 players very soon, so sit tight and dance to the hits for free as HighStreet 5 takes the party to new levels with you.

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