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HighStreet 5 Now in OPEN BETA!

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Oh yes folks! HighStreet 5 is now in OPEN BETA! The much-awaited day has finally arrived! Now now, don't worry, if you already have your avatars during our Premier Party, just log-in and you will find yourself the way you were.

There's more after jump...

Now that we are in Open Beta, we are going to have more activities and events that you will surely enjoy. You will also win fabulous prizes!!!

Here are the details:

  • FREE 200,000 Scores
    New accounts will get FREE 200,000 Score Points!
  • 2x Scores and 2x XP (July 22 to July 26, 2008)
    Get double the score and double experience when you play!
  • The Top 10 Guilds (July 22 to August 15, 2008)
    The first 10 guilds that reach 50 members before August 15 will win free items! The Guild Leaders of the winning guilds will receive:
    • VIP title
    • 30x Mischievous Lightning Bolt
    • 10x Mischievous Flying Brick
    • 10x Megaphone
    The guild members will receive:
    • 10x Mischievous Lightning Bolt
    • 5x Mischievous Flying Brick
  • Battle with GM (July 26 to August 2, 2008)
    Dance showdown to the max!
    • GM will create a room named "BattleGM". Click on "Battle" in the top-right hand corner of your screen and enter the room in the "Battle" window.
    • The first 7 players who enter the room will qualify as the contestants for the battle.
    • Dance Mode: Individual Synchronized Steps
    • Contestants have to click on "Ready" in the bottom-right hand corner upon entry into the room; GM will start the battle once all contestants are ready.
    • Song mode: Random
    • The winner of every single round of the battle will win in-game items.
    • GM will announce the winner online
    • Players are allowed to participate in this event ONLY ONCE a day.
    • Qualified players who ignores the invitation from the GM will be considered as backing-out from the competition.
    • Prizes will be delivered the day after the contest day via the in-game email.
  • MetroCity Marathon (July 22 to August 4, 2008)
    The 50 players who accumulates the most log-in time will be rewarded with free in-game items. Winners will be posted in the website on August 7, 2008.
    • Ranks 1 to 10
      • 1x Permanent Pants
      • 50x Mischievous Flying Brick
      • 50x Mischievous Lightning Bolt
      • 10x Megaphone
    • Ranks 11 to 30
      • 1x 30-day pants
      • 30x Mischievous Flying Brick
      • 30x Mischievous Lightning Bolt
      • 10x Megaphone
    • Ranks 31 to 50
      • 1x 7-day top dress
      • 15x Mischievous Flying Brick
      • 15x Mischievous Lightning Bolt
      • 2x Megaphone

Enjoy and see you all in-game!!

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