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In the Press: Game publisher sets up RP office


In the Press. A way for us to recognize the journalists and bloggers (which I collectively call the "Press") who wrote articles about our product - HighStreet 5 (Philippines) and/or our Company EagleGame International Limited.

Community Evangelist Alex Villafania tells us about who EagleGame International Ltd. is, who is our parent Company (dispelling rumours that we are owned by this and that company), and of course HighStreet 5.

You can read Alex's Hackenslash article, Game publisher sets up RP office.

Btw, HighStreet 5 is not just a four-way directional game, for those who want a more challenging game and more coolness moves (like me), they can easily switch to 8-Keys (that is: Up, Down, Left, Right, Up-Left, Up-Right, Down-Left, and Down-Right directional keys). Additionally, HighStreet 5 is a Virtual Community or Social game in itself, you don't just dance, you make friends and build your network (this is only one of the aspects and features that sets our product apart).

Thank you for your support and coverage!

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