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Game Feature: MegaCity


In HighStreet 5, forget about channels and forget about standing forever waiting for someone to join your room. HighStreet 5 is a Virtual Dance City, a 3-Dimensional World. You can walk, you can sit, and you can dance.

For the first article of our Game Feature series, I present to you HighStreet 5 Philippines' MegaCity!

MegaCity is the first virtual city in an online dance game. You can go search via Google and see if there is anything like HighStreet 5. You see, here in HS5 we don't just dance repetitively, we also socialize, that's where our MegaCity comes in, roam the streets of MegaCity and enjoy the great view - towering skyscrapers and distinctive landmark buildings, along with thousands of other Dancers like YOU!

The MegaCity is not limited to 30 people like the Dance Floors and is available to everyone on the server. You can now see all of your friends at the same time, gather for that awesome Dance Crew Photo (and submit it to us so we can feature you!), go shopping together in the Mall, Stores, or go to the Salon and get that new look!

Or you and your lover can stroll MegaCity all you want and talk about sweet nothings and get that fire in your relationship burning, because we have a surprise for every lovers in the coming months. Not only that, you can now click on any player to look at their Community Profiles and their photos, or read their latest news right inside the game with the new In-Game Community System.

And that's just the beginning. Next week, another game feature will be presented that I'm sure pros and newbie Dancers alike will definitely go "oooooohh!!"

Oh, before I forgot, here are screenshots of your enhanced In-Game House, can you spot what's new?

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