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Poll: New 'Guild' terminology

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If you look to the right sidebar, you will see our first poll "New 'Guild' term". Listed are: Dance School, Dance Troupe, Dance House, Dance Tribe, and Dance Corps. For HighStreet5 Philippines or HS5-PH for short, we want our community to be unique. In HS5-SG, guilds are called "Family"/"Families". In HS5-MY, "Guilds". In 5Street (China/HK), "Guilds" also (or its Mandarin equivalent).

For HS5-PH, we want something cooler (yes, 'Family' is cool) and different. Something that will make you proud because you are referred to differently, example: "Next on stage, the TagLish Dance Corps!" or maybe, "Let's give a round of applause to PinoyAko Dance Tribe!" or how about, "Let's welcome the Clov3r Dance Troupe!" You get the idea? Coolness!

You can also give your suggestions by simply replying to this post, one will be chosen and included in the next poll, together with the top choice from this poll, and the current lingo "Dance Family". However, if there are no suggestions (since we might have thought of the cool ones already), the second top choice from this poll will be included in the final, deciding poll, totaling three (3) Poll Choices.

So, vote.. NOW! Be part and influence the birth of HS5-PH!!

~ Xue

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