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The Ultimate Status Symbol – Black Fallen Lucifer's Wings in Store!

Dear HighStreet 5 Players,

The featured Fallen Angel Lucifer’s Rage Wings are one of the rarest black wings model – its unique design makes it all the more desirable among discerning players and wings collectors. You cannot get unnoticed when wearing such Black Wings with all these unique design details!

Nothing this good can be obtained on the cheap, but we are now making a special offer for those who know its real value: The Fallen Angel Lucifer’s Rage wings are being offered at an initial discount price of 40000 Points. The price for this black wings will be adjusted upwards on a weekly basis until it reaches the full price of 50000 Points.

Promotion period: 18:00 on 14th April to 15:00 on 14th May, 2010

From 14th – 21st April, 2010 the FOREVER Fallen Angel Lucifer’s Rage Wings are priced at 40000 Points. You will get Contribution Voucher*320 for free when you buy the wings this week

In-game Rolling Billboards show for Top 6 buyers

The first 6 buyers will also be entitled to 1 month’s free in-game billboard space to show off their exclusive wings. (Please note that only screenshots of you wearing your FOREVER Fallen Angel Lucifer’s Rage Wings will be displayed on the in-game billboards shown below.)

Rolling Billboards

One billboard is located above the entrance/exit to ‘Salon’ (picture on the left) and the other one is located above the entrance/exit to ‘Studio’ (picture on the right).


1. The price of the Fallen Angel Lucifer’s Rage Wings will be adjusted on a weekly basis. Please refer to the actual price before you confirm your purchase.

2. GM will contact buyers for submitting their screenshots. The screenshots will be displayed in game within 3 workdays after the submission. The display will last until 17:00 31st May, 2010.

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HighStreet 5 Team

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Email: service@highstreet5.com.ph

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