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Wicked Summer Dash Bundling Promo

Hello Highstreet5 Players,

How does it sound getting randomly assigned in-game consumable freebies every time you buy a 250PHP load?
“Yeah! Good!” Now, what if on top of it you will be also eligible for a raffle draw on May to get the chance to win even more fabulous items! How wickedly GREAT!

We will be releasing a limited supply of 250-denomination physical promo cards nationwide so hurry and get as much as you can.
Remember, the more cards you purchase, the more freebies you get and the more chances of winning.

So how do you do it?

Read on:
1. Top up the promo cards regularly for points. Each promo card will have a serial code in it to claim your free random prize.
As soon as you input the codes in www.highstreet5.com.ph/activities/ included in the cards,
you automatically get ANY of the following consumable items in your character’s in-game mail.

a. 8 x Lily
b. 8 x Shark Cards
c. 8 x Warhorse Cards
d. 5 x 4X Battle Cards

2. On May 05, 2010. We will conduct the electronic Raffle that may win you any of the items below.
You may win as many items and the prizes are transferable.

a. 1 winner of Forever Motorbike
b. 4 winners of Forever Fluttering Blue Angel Wings
c. 5 winners of Stalls
d. 10 winners of Forever Skateboard

3. You can only purchase the cards from our Area Representatives so send an SMS to the people below for fast transactions:

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HS5 - Where the Party Never Ends!

HighStreet 5 Team

Service Hotline: (632) 631 4263 or (632) 631-GAME
Email: service@highstreet5.com.ph
Official Website: http://www.highstreet5.com.ph
Official Forum: http://forum.highstreet5.com.ph

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